LONG AN Border Gate Economic Zone, LONG AN PROVINCE

Long An border gate economic zone, Long An province (hereinafter referred to as Economic Zone for short) has a total natural area of 13,080 ha, including 01 Binh Hiep international border gate and 01 Long Khot sub-border gate.
Economic zone development zones include:
- Border gate areas, including border gate management and control areas at Binh Hiep international border gate and Long Khot sub-border gate, and non-tariff areas at Binh Hiep international border gate.
- Urban areas include Kien Tuong town, concentrated residential areas along National Highway 62 to Binh Hiep border gate, concentrated residential areas at Long Khot border gate, and concentrated residential areas south of National Highway N1 in Binh Hiep commune.
- Rural residential areas include commune centers and clusters of rural population lines.
- Agricultural areas, landscapes and open spaces including agricultural and aquaculture production areas, eco-tourism spaces, landscaped green spaces and a network of rivers and canals.
Binh Hiep International Border Gate, located in Long An Economic Zone
Orientation for spatial development of border-gate control zones, non-tariff zones and industrial - handicraft clusters
- International border gate control area: The border gate management and control area is organized at Binh Hiep international border gate with an area of 14 hectares, Long Khot sub-border gate area with a scale of 04 hectares.
- Non-tariff zone: The non-tariff zone is located at Binh Hiep international border gate; the total area by 2030 is 98.3 ha, including:
+ Trade and service area of 32.8 hectares, including: Fairgrounds; exhibition grounds; office buildings; representative offices of enterprises, shopping centers; amusement parks; green Park.
+ Industrial park with a scale of 65.5 ha, including: Central area of commercial and industrial zone (with management zone of border-gate commercial and industrial zone); bonded; Customs office; the gas station; technical infrastructure hub.
- Industrial zones: Industrial parks have a total area of 425 ha, including:
+ General industrial - service - commercial park, with an area of about 279 ha, located in Binh Hiep commune east of Vam Ro river, on both sides of National Highway N1 with 04 types of industry - handicraft, including including: Agricultural product processing industry, confectionery, rice flour and cereal products, agricultural product storage; industry of tools and equipment for processing agricultural products, assembling electronic goods, agricultural mechanics; industrial production of consumer goods and transit warehouses, automobile repair and assembly, assembly of multi-function agricultural vehicles, agricultural vehicles and machinery, production of aluminum profiles. Allows the implementation of projects that control the possibility of environmental pollution.
+ Industrial park - handicraft, about 146 ha, located in the east of Kien Tuong town center, close to Vam Co Tay river, has 03 main types of industry, including: Manufacturing industry handicraft products from agricultural by-products and other items; industry of consumer goods, apparel, footwear, packaging and handicrafts: Knitting, handicrafts. Require projects to control the possibility of causing environmental pollution.
+ Industrial clusters with a total area of 54.0 ha, including local industrial - handicraft clusters: In Tuyen Binh commune, the area is about 24 ha; in Vinh Binh commune, the scale is about 27.6 ha, in Thai Binh Trung commune, the scale is about 2.4 ha.
+ Land reserved for industrial development with a scale of 85.4 ha, located south of National Highway N1 to the west of the new road connecting National Highway N1 to the new bridge over Vam Co Tay River (the bypass road to the East of the Economic Zone). in Binh Hiep commune. This industrial park mainly: Processing agro-forestry products, consumer goods, textiles, plastics, leather shoes, electronics, ..
- Secondary border gate: Beside the international border gate, the economic zone has an auxiliary border gate, Long Khot. The scale of spatial development (including border gate management and control area, commercial and service area, residential area) at Long Khot border gate is about 50 hectares.
Land use planning: The total natural land area of Long An border gate economic zone is 13,080 ha. It is planned as follows:
- Land for border-gate control zones is about 12 hectares in 2020, 18 hectares in 2030.
- Land in the non-tariff zone is about 61.9 hectares in 2020 and 98.3 hectares in 2030.
- Land in the landscape area is about 13,006 ha in 2020 and 12,964 ha in 2030.
See Decision 15/QD-TTg of the Prime Minister approving the general planning on construction of Long An border gate economic zone, Long An province by 2030.

Long An Economic Zone Authority (LEAZA)

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