Overview of Long An Province

Long An Province, Vietnam is the leading province in the Mekong Delta region in terms of attracting domestic and foreign investment (FDI). Long An has the advantage of being adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City in the West and Southwest direction, which is very convenient to exploit the abundant labor force in the region with low cost of market access.

Provincial authorities are always concerned, enabling the most favorable, supporting investors to carry out administrative procedures when investing or exploring the investment environment in long an.
See a map of long an province.

Industrial development

From 1997 to 2020, long an province has developed 35 industrial zones with total area of 11, 945 hectares. The planning for development of industrial zones in the province is reasonably distributed, located near ho chi minh city as the most dynamic economic center in vietnam. The industrial zones are favorable for roads and rivers, and now long an international port is likely to receive 70, 000 tons of interest in the interest of attracting investment interest. See the location of the industrial zones.


Building strength

It is possible to say that the workshop is a strong strengths of the long an industrial zones in long an, besides the good health care of infrastructure enterprises that help long an an an attraction to the businesses. Next to industrial land products ready for lease, to diversify products to provide investors, the long an infrastructure of long an has boldly invested the workshop in creating products, services that provide diversified services to investors. Contributing to the general strengths of the province may be next to industrial parks, construction workshops later: kizuna service workshop, long hau industrial park, thuan hau, tan duc, hong duc, hong kong, hong son, phuc long…


Authorities are always interested in upgrading traffic infrastructure and supporting enterprises

Long an province is continuing to improve the investment in the centralized investment environment, synchronize the infrastructure in and outside the nghiệp; zone to promote the reform of the human resources to meet the needs of the nghiệp…, the province of long an and all favorable conditions to receive investors.

In recent years, the attraction of investment in long an province is that investment projects in industrial parks have grown quite impressive. The domestic and foreign investors are not only in terms of favorable conditions but also in the ventilation of the investment environment, the enthusiasm of provincial leaders in the support of enterprises and always stands in difficult circumstances.

Advantages of agricultural, forestry and processing products

Most of long an province of long an is producing rice, rice, some areas concentrated in production of other agricultural products such as thanh long, tím, sugar cane, lemon, peanuts, and phộng, and nghiệp, nghiệp, thơm, thơm, thơm, thơm, thơm, thơm, thơm, thơm, thơm. (see the details of forest products, forestry products. Note: a pdf file has a large capacity of 38 mb) or here


In the area of forestry land, long an province has around 25, 000 hectares of tràm forest area and exploitation of timber for the construction sector.

Of natural conditions

Long an has an average monthly temperature of 27. 2 - 27. 7. In april, the highest average temperature of 28. 9 °c, january had the lowest average temperature of 25. 2 °c.
Annual rainfall of 966 - 1. 325 mm. The rainy season is over 70 - 82% total precipitation year. The rain is uneven, descending from ho chi minh city to the west and southwest. Southeast districts have at least a low rainfall.

The average annual humidity is 80 - 82%. The average annual lighting period from 6. 8 - 7. 5 hours per day and average five, 500 - 2, 800 hours. Total review of 9. 700 - 10. 100 °c. The temperature between the months in the five - year oscillation ranges from 2 - 4 °c.
The dry season from november to april has windy winds, 60 - 70%. The rainy season from may to october is windy with the frequency of 70%.

Long an province is located in the characteristic area of the tropical tropical climate, which has a plentiful humidity, abundant sunlight, long time of radiation, temperature and high sum, the temperature of the day in the middle of the year.


Although in the mekong delta region, long an is a transitional land between southeast and southwest, the terrain tends to be low from northeast to southwest. North and northeast of the province have a number of thấp; hills between the province and the southwest of the province is the delta dong thap muoi, including alum tràm forest.
The province has six main groups of land, but most of it is lắng and many organic, tạo, lý, lý, and tụ.

Long an terrain is divided by the river and canals chịt with a total length of up to 8, 912 km, the vàm cỏ river and vàm grass tay fruit into the vàm grass, duong van duong canal,... in which the largest là river is flowing through long an.

(see more provincial social development planning of long an 2020 – 2030)

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