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Long An Economic Zone Authority
Long An Economic Zone Authority (LAEZA) is responsible for state management of economiczone and industrial park in Long An Province. For enterprises, investors whoinvested in economic zone in the province, all investment procedures are implemented with "One stop service" policy at Long An Economic Zone Authority.
LAEZA always stand side by side with enterprises during their operationprocess, always shares all difficulties, obstacles with enterprises, considerstheir difficulties as its and co-operates jointly to solve and proposes higher levelauthority to settle, assures the belief of investors on implementing projectsin economic zones and industrial parks in Long An.
LAEZA continuously improves administrative procedures within its competency,simplifies procedures and give clear and direct instructions, listens tothoughts, aspirations of investors to report to higher level authority orhandle unsuitable activities to give proper handling measures.
Oninvesting in economic zones, industrial parks in Long An, all procedures of investment,construction, environment, labor, commerce,... will be solved in Long An Economic Zone Authority.

Long An Economic Zone Authority
Address     : 65B, Chau Van Giac, Ward 2, Tan An City, Long An
Phone        : 072.3825446 - 3825445 
Fax            : 072.3825442
Email         :;
Website     : (Adminstrative portal)
Website     : (Investment Promotion Portal)

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Long An Economic Zone Authority (LAEZA)