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Long An Province, Vietnam
Long An Province, Vietnam is considered the province has attractive investment climate by the location of Long An extremely convenient for investors to access markets, especially in Ho Chi Minh City.
Long An province border with Ho Chi Minh City to the west, southwest, main gateway connecting Mekong Delta to Ho Chi Minh City. Total area of Long An is 4491 km2, equal 1.3% of the national area and by 8.74% of the area of the Mekong Delta.
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Developing industrial strength
With many advantages for industrial development, from 1997 up to now Long An province has attracted 28 investment industrial park with total area is 10,216 ha (nearly 5,000 hectares of industrial land has a complete infrastructure available for rent), 32 industrial clusters with a total area of 3,368 ha. Planning development zones and industrial clusters in the province are distributed appropriately, located near the most dynamic economic center of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City. industrial Parks, industrial clusters are advantageous road and river, sea port planning of Long An province capable of receiving ships of 70,000 tons are attracting the attention of many corporate investment in recent years. See location map of industrial park.
Ready Built factory for lease
Ready Built factory is a strength of Long An province, the best customer service by infrastructure company business is helping Long An to be the good attractive destination for enterprises. In 28 industrial park of Long An province, besides more than 5,000 hectares of land available for rent, industrial parks in Long An province have invested ready built factory, make more products, services provide for investors. Some industrial parks have ready-built factory follows: Kizuna, Long Hau, Thuan Dao, Tan Duc, Anh Hong, Tan Do, Hai Son, Phuc Long ...
Tỉnh Long An province is continuing to improve the investment environment; Complete infrastructure inside and outside industrial parks; promote administrative reform; training of human resources to meet enterprises demand ..., Long An province is ready and determined to create all favorable conditions to welcome investors.
In recent years (2014, 2015), new enterprises invest in industrial zones of Long An province has grown impressively. Domestic and Foreign investors come to Long An not only by the facilitate, and also by the friendly of the investment environment, the enthusiasm of the provincial leader in supporting enterprises and always beside enterprises when they have problem in their business.
Product advantages of agriculture, forestry and processing industry
Most of the agricultural area of Long An province is producing rice, some areas produce other agricultural products such as: dragon fruit, winged yam, sugar cane, lemon, peanuts, corn, sesame, pineapple... Besides, infrastructure and industrial clusters are always ready to welcome investors to exploit the strengths of Long An in the agricultural, forestry and fisheries. Detail of agricultural, forestry and seafood products or Click here
Regarding forestry land of Long An province, about 27,000 hectares of forest plantations for construction.
About natural conditions
In terms of natural conditions, the monthly average temperature of Long An is between 27.2-27.7 °C. Normally, the highest average temperature is 28.9 °C in April, and the lowest one is 25.3 °C in January.
The yearly rainfall is between 966-1325 mm. Rainy season accounts for over 70-82% the total rain fall. Its allocation is unequal, gradually decreases from the boundary of Ho Chi Minh City to the West and South West. The Southern East Districts which are near the sea have lowest rainfall. High density of rain results in erosion in hilly lands, and the combination of rain and tide and flood causes flooding and affects the production and life of resident.
The yearly average relative humidity is 80-82%. Daily sun shining hours are between 6.8-7.5 hours per day and 2,500-2,800 hours per year. Annual temperature sum is 9,700-10,100oC.The temperature margin in months is between 2-4oC per year.
The frequency of North East wind in dry season from November to April is 60-70%. And it is 70% in rainy season for South West Wind.
Long An Province locates in specific region of equatorial tropical monsoon weather, thus, its temperature is varied, full of sunshine, long sun shining hour and high temperature, the temperature amplitude in day and night time is low and moderate.
Located in Mekong River Delta, but Long An is a transition land between the Southeast and Southwest, the terrain is gradually lower from northeast to southwest. There are some low hill; and Dong Thap Muoi lowland in the North and northeast, including 46,300ha alkaline flooding melaleuca area.
Six main soil types appears in the region, but mainly alluvial sedimentation with many other organic compounds, friable structure, low physical properties, and many alkaline and toxic-accumulated areas.
Long An terrain is divided by river and canals systems, its total length reaches 8.912km, Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay rivers form Vam Co River, Duong Van Duong which, Vam Co Dong flows through Long An is the greatest.
Long An Economic Zone Authority (LAEZA)