Investor reviews
Monday - 11/02/2015

Mr Taniguchi Hiroshi - General Director
Kyodo Sojitz Feed Co., Ltd.
Address: Lot F5-F6-F7-F8 Thinh Phat Industrial Park,
Luong Binh hamlet, Ben Luc District, Long An province.

               We chose to invest in Long An province because the geographical location of Long An. Long An pretty close to Ho Chi Minh City, and Long An also a feed center of Southern Vietnam, and Long An is is the central gateway to Mekong Delta. Aside from, because we also assess the development potential of farming Mekong Delta very huge. In which, our company will have greater opportunity to contribute, more to the development of the province.

Mr Usuda Yuichi – Director
Kyouwa Viet Nam Co., Ltd.
Lot B2-1b, Long Hau Industrial Park, Long Hau, Can Giuoc,
Long An, Viet Nam

               Long An province, the province with food resources are abundant, based on the rich resources there, orientation of our company is in the near future we will produce and provide servers for the food processing industry. The reason that we chose to invest in Long An province is, near Ho Chi Minh City, easy to recruit skilled labor, and transportation system is very convenient for import and export.
Long An Economic Zone Authority (LAEZA)
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