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Thu Thua industrial park
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    Thu Thu Industrial Park Ward 11, Thu Thua Town, Thu Thua District, Long An Province.
Distance to traffic hubs
• Away from Tan An City: 10km
• Away from Phu My Hung Town: 39km
• Away from Tan Son Nhat International Airport: 50km
• Away from VICT Port: 50km
Thu Thua industrial park
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Thu Thua industrial park
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Strengths 1. Convenient transportation, trade gateway for economic zones in the Southern point and Mekong Delta provinces:
10km away from Tan An City, 45km away from Ho Chi Minh City center and 30km away from Bourbon Ben Luc port;
2. Synchronized planning on architecture and infrastructure;
3. Professional logistic services to support the investors;
4. Inland port will make it convenient for investors to transport goods from the industrial park;
5 . Competitive leasing price. Flexible payment methods;
6 . Providing free service pack on the investment legal procedures for corporates;
7. Accommodation services for professionals and workers in Thu Thua Residential Area, next to the industrial park with a full range of services such as supermarkets, kindergartens, schools....

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North: Next to Ranh canal, with a width of 10 - 15m, length of 950m, connecting Bo Bo and Ba Bang canal;
South: Next to resettlement area and residential area which serving industrial park and land of the existing people;
East: Next to Bo Bo canal;
West: Next to Ba Bang canal.
Investment incentives Exemption of import tax for imported goods as stipulated in Article 12, Decree No. 87/2010 / ND-CP of August 13, 2010;
Tax exemption for 2 years and reduction of 50% for corporate income tax in the next 4 years when investing into the industrial park;
Corporate income tax: 20%.
Performance duration Until 2069
Leasing price and mode of payment From $US 90/m2 (depending on the location), excluding VAT 10%;
Flexible payment methods.
Factory lease price
Infrastructure management fees and other services $US 0.35/m2/year, excluding VAT 10%.
Water rates According to the price list of Long An Water Supply Joint Stock Company, estimated price: VND 10,000/m3.
Fee Wastewater Treatment $US 0.3/m3, excluding VAT 10%.
Electricity price From VND 2,000 – VND 3,000/kWh.
Functional block Function of land use in the industrial park as below:
1. Factory buidling area;
2. Major construction area:
+ Power station;
+ Inland port;
+ Water supply plant;
+ Wastewater treatment areas;
3. Operating service center for industrial park:
+ Service area;
+Management area.
Land use structure 1. Land for leasing: 127.79 ha
2. Land of administrative services: 3.48 ha
3. Land of green: 19.21 ha
4. Land of techniques: 6.25 ha
5. Land of transport: 32.15 ha
Scope of permitted investments 1. High tech production projects:
+ Project on manufacturing electric and electronic equipment;
+ Project on manufacturing electric and electronic parts;
+ Project on manufacturing telecommunication cable;
+ Supporting industries.
2. Group of projects on mechanics (not casting, metallurgy):
+ Project on mechanics, manufacturing machinery and equipment;
+ Project on manufacturing, assembling and repairing motorbikes.
3. Others Projects: Group of projects on manufacturing food and beverage:
+ Project on manufacturing food;
+ Project on manufacturing beverage;
+ Project on manufacturing milk;
+ Project on manufacturing cooking oil;
+ Project on manufacturing candy.
4. Group of projects on manufacturing pharmaceutical and cosmetics:
+ Project on manufacturing cosmetics;
+ Project on manufacturing pharmaceutical;
+ Project on manufacturing household plastic, plastic bag (from plastics beads);
+ Projects on manufacturing garment, furniture, handicraft industry.
5. Group of projects on manufacturing interior decoration equipment;
6. Group of projects on manufacturing garment (project on manufacturing clothing products without bleaching stage);
7. Group of projects on supporting agricultural development;
8. Group of projects on non-polluting industries.
Climate Long An is located in the tropical monsoon zone, subequatorial, the temperature is high throughout the year.
There are two seasons, rainy and sunny. The annual average temperature is 27.50C.
The average humidity is quite high, about 70-80%.
Topography and geology Thu Thua Industrial Park has a flat topography;
The compressive strength of soil in 10m of the surface layer is from 0.5 - 0.8kg/cm2.
Waste water According to the current Vietnam’s standards.
Fire prevention and protection Fire protection system complies with the current regulations of the Government.
Traffic system Waterway: The inland port (with total area of about 1.02 ha) will be arranged to connect Bo Bo canal, serving the transportation of finished goods by river through Bo Bo canal, connecting to Thu Thua canal in the south;

External transport: Road DT818 conects to N2 road and Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong highway to form a completed traffic network with a width of 40m;

The main road in the industrial park has a width of 41m, satisfying the standards for large trucks; Internal roads have width from 8m - 12m, including lighting system, green trees.

Electricity supply system Industrial park has substation of 110/22kV for the whole area, power supply capacity at 26,200KW.
Water supply system Clean water is supplied to investors with a capacity of 5,000m3/day.
Wastewater treatment system Waste water treatment factory has capacity of 4,428m3/day, using advanced technology to meet the standard.
Post and telecommunication system The communication system for Thu Thua Industrial Park is used the source from Thu Thua town post office.
Public utilities The system of green trees is arranged throughout the area, which is good for coordinating the climate, antipollution (noise, dust, smoke, etc.) and creating aesthetic landscapes for the whole industrial park.
Supporting services
Free services 1. Providing free service pack on the investment legal procedures until the corporates operate;
2. Issuing Certificate of Land Use Rights.
Supporting service Thu Thua Industrial Park has a customer service center willing to support, satisfy the needs of corporates such as:
1. Information supporting
2. Legal advice
3. Providing information of reputable construction companies
4. Supporting construction license
5. Fire protection
6. Environmental impact assessment report
7. Supporting working with banks, customs,.......
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