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Tan Kim industrial park, Can Giuoc, Long An
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    Tan Kim Ward, Can Giuoc District, Long An
Distance to traffic hubs
Distance from HCMC: 2 Km
Distance from HCMC Center: 15 Km (Ben Thanh market);
Distance from Nguyen Van Lin avenue: 8 Km
Distance from Hiep Phuoc International Seaport: 12 Km.D5
Tan Kim industrial park, Can Giuoc, Long An
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Tan Kim industrial park, Can Giuoc, Long An
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Strengths Located near the center of Hochiminh City, 2 Km away from HCMC. 12 Km away from Hiep Phuoc international seaport, 15 Km from Saigon port (Can Giuoc domestic port is inside the Industrial park, connecting with other large seaports in the area: Tan Tap port (15 Km))
Access to technical infrastructure, social, labor and professional services of TP. Ho Chi Minh.
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- Located next to Can Giuoc river
- 2 km to HCMC border.
- Connect with HCM city by QL50 national highway.
- 12 km to Hiep Phuoc international seaport
Investment incentives Tax exemption for 02 years, 50% in the next 04 years. 20% corporate income tax.
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Performance duration Until 2058
Leasing price and mode of payment 70 - 80 USD/m2/44 year
Factory lease price 2 - 2,5 USD/m2/month
Infrastructure management fees and other services 0,38 USD/m2/year
Water rates
Fee Wastewater Treatment + The price of waste water standard A: 3.000 VNĐ/m3 + The price of waste water standard B: 4.800 VNĐ/m3 + The price of domestic waste water: 4.000 VNĐ/m3
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Functional block
Land use structure Enterprise, industrial clusters: 65.47 ha;
Warehouse, wharf area: 4.58 ha;
Operating, service area: 1.34 ha;
Technical areas: 2.44 hectares;
Transporting land: 19.38 ha;
Tree land: 10.69 ha;
Religious land: 0.2 ha.
Scope of permitted investments Agricultural and fishery machinery;
Manufacturing household appliances, plastics, soaps;
Manufacturing furnishing materials, building components assembled;
Food processing, frozen seafood, produce wood paint, plating stage in the production process finished products in mechanics (not processed plating);
Processing industries: food processing, processing of agricultural products, seafood;
Fertilizer production, animal feed;
Light Industry: industrial precision engineering, machine building and repairing machinery, spare parts, tools and assembly;
Industrial electronics, manufacturing machinery, spare parts, industrial electrical appliances;
Industrial production sports instruments, furnishing, office;
Textile, plastics, toys, jewelry, cosmetics;
Industrial packaging manufacturer, typesetting, designing, printing;
Rolled ferrous metals casting small scale production of electric cables, optical cables;
High-tech industry;
Electronics industry, media, telecommunications media. Plating stage in the production process is complete of mechanical products (not processed plating).
Processing, chemical transfer lubricants.
Climate Long An is located in a tropical monsoon and equatorial area with stable and high temperature background around the year and it has two distinctive rainy and sunny seasons but Duc Hoa dst. is affected by monsoons with more rains. Annual average temperature: 27.7 degrees Celsius
Topography and geology - Delta silt, lower from West to East.
- Elevation of land Standard: 2.5 m
- The ability of the soil load: RTC = 55.1 kPa
- Underground water level: 200m above the ground.
- A stable level surface cracks: stability
Waste water Follow current Vietnam's standards
Fire prevention and protection Fire protection system complies with the current regulations of the government
Traffic system The transport system has been perfected in the Industrial Park.
13,78ha trees area, 18,93ha road.
Electricity supply system From 110 / 22kV Can Duoc - Can Giuoc national power grid.
22kV medium voltage lines along the main line of power supply to the factories in the industrial zone.
Three 22/0.4 kv low-voltage stations for internal lighting system and service operating, technical constructions.
Water supply system Clean water is provided by Ha Lan water supply Company, Ltd. - the water supplier for the entire Can Giuoc district and Tan Kim Industrial park.
Capacity: 4800 m3 / day, ensuring water demand for production and consuming in Tan Kim Industrial park.
Water Rates: According to the price of Ha Lan water supply company.
- The price of water collected at the Industrial Park: 6,000 VND/m3.
- The price of water collected at the resettlement zone: 4,000 VND/m3.
Wastewater treatment system Wastewater treatment system is developed by A Dong Technology and Environment Development Company whose production and monitoring is according to USBF technology in Europe.
Treatment capacity 3000m3 / day.
Waste water after treatment meets discharge standard type A (TCVN5945-95).
Wastewater treatment fee:
- Process wastewater: 0.24 USD / m3.
- Domestic wastewater: 0.2 USD / m3.
Post and telecommunication system VNPT Long An is proud to be the provider of telecommunications network for Tan Kim IP, high-speed fiber optic technology ensures communication needs. Landline telephone subscriptions and mobile information. ADSL internet.
Public utilities Protection - Security
Professionally trained, highly disciplined guards are provided by a prestigious company such as Dong Hai, Quang Trung with the arrangement of the local police force right in the IP to ensure security and order in 24/24 for the industrial park.
Fire prevention and fighting
Arranging adequate means of fire fighting.
Regularly organizing propaganda, training and periodic drills.
Fire prevention officers are on duty 24/7, ready to work anytime, anywhere.
Organizing waste collection and disposal with waste transfer station provided by Can Giuoc urban works company.
Supporting services
Free services Consult on Investment, licensing procedures.
Support on application of investment certificate, construction permit, certificate of land use right.
Apply for branch establishment certificate or new business establishement certificate.
Residence permits for foreigners.
Support access to loans for businesses in need of financing.
Supporting service Specials: at Tan Kim Industrial Park, enterprises will be assisted the service of factory design and construction on request, ensuring high quality and cost savings provided by the contractor Hai Thanh company with many year experience in manufacturing steel frames.
Support completing legal investment procedures quickly
Receiving the attention from the local departments, Tan Kim Industrial Park has supported businesses in completing investment procedures quickly. Typically: Sacombank Bank, Kem Nghia, CHEMWOOD, Viet Quoc Nguyen ... only took one year to complete the procedures for investment and construction to go into operation.
According to the investors, Tan Kim Industrial park is currently the place where the progress of granting land use right certificates is the fastest in Long An province.
Customers will save time for project deployment, and quickly go into business operations and production.
Typical clients
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