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Phuc Long industrial park, Ben Luc, Long An
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    400, National road 1A, Ben Luc towlet, Ben Luc district, Long An province.
Distance to traffic hubs
5km to highway Ho Chi Minh
Trung luong
14km to Tan An city
20 km to the Ho Chi Minh city center.
23 km to Tan Son Nhat airport.
03 km to the Bourbon port.
18 km to the Hiep Phuoc Port.
20 km to the Saigon port.
25 km to Cat Lai port.
Phuc Long industrial park, Ben Luc, Long An
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Phuc Long industrial park, Ben Luc, Long An
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Presentation data
Customer List
Strengths - Bordering on Ho Chi Minh City, convenient transportation.
- Located on Highway 1A, attracting some industries with large-scale transport.
 -The IP near some sea ports, just 3km far away to Bournbon port. It's very convenient to import and export.
 - Leasing form is diversified with flexible area, leasing land/factory, especially Phuc Long Industrial Park transfers the land for domestic investors.
 - Good geology, saving the construction cost with geological drilling for each area.
 - Complete infrastructure.
 - Advantages for building warehouses and factories with a good team of engineers and architects who have a lot of experiences in design and construction. Besides, we have an abundant material source from owner.
 - Diversified services for investors, and many utilities in industrial park.
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- Bordering Highway 1A on the north
- Bordering Rach Chanh on the south
- Bordering field on the east
- Bordering field and Phuc Long residential area on the west
Investment incentives Free of 02 years, 50% in the next 04 years. 22% corporate income tax.
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Performance duration Until 29/12/2059
Leasing price and mode of payment Land leased is guaranteed to be properly leveled with completed infrastructure
- Leasing prices: time varying.
Factory lease price
Infrastructure management fees and other services 0,4 USD/m²/year (VAT not included)
Water rates 0,4 USD/m3
Fee Wastewater Treatment 0,36 USD/m3
Electricity price
Functional block
Land use structure Total area: 78,94 ha
- Land of fatory: 55,84 ha
- Land of center of service, managerment oi IP: 1,76 ha
- Land of major projects: 0,9 ha
- Land of traffic: 11,92 ha
- Green land: 8,52 ha
Scope of permitted investments - Project of electronic and telecommunications industries
- Mechanical project
- Project of foodstuff processing, refreshment drinks industry
- Project in pharmaceutical and cosmetic
- Project in stationary
- Project in garment
- Projects in production of interior decoration products
- Projects on chemical, pharmacy and cosmetic
- Projects in environmental protection and collecting and treating industrial waste
- Projects on textile and dyeing
Climate Long An is located in a tropical monsoon and equatorial area with stable and high temperature background around the year and it has two distinctive rainy and sunny seasons. Annual average temperature: 27.5 degrees Celsius. Độ ẩm trung bình khá cao, khoảng 70-80%.Influenced by two main types of wind: southwester in the rainy season, southeast wind in dry season.
Topography and geology - K> 0.85.
- Altitude: + 1.70m (the nation altitude Hon Dau - Hai Phong city)
- Ground compressive strength: 1,2 - 2,0 kg/cm2
- Depth of stake: 10 - 24m.
- Hydrographic of Vam Co river: + 1.40m.
- High level of factory floor: from + 2.20m to 2.30m +
Waste water Follow current Vietnam's standards
Fire prevention and protection Fire protection system complies with the current regulations of the government
Traffic system
- Located on National Road 1A:good location, convenient transportation with National Road 1A and complete infrastructure meeting national standards, Phuc Long Industrial Park attracts some industries with large-scale transport through many main roads like: Belt Road 4, Saigon - Trung Luong highway, Vo Van Kiet, Nguyen Van Linh, etc.
 - Near Sea ports: located in an area with large rivers that make easier to import and export to markets such as Cambodia, Thailand, ... just 3km far away to Bournbon port.
 - The logical transport system inside the industrial park : each lot are bordered at least 02 roads; 01 main road (building line from 27m to 36m) and 01 extra road with building line from 13m to 22m. The main road of the industrial park connects to Highway 1A, It is very convenient for large- scale transportation.
Electricity supply system Power is connected from the National power grid along National Road 1A (110KV/22kV –2x25MVA).
Water supply system Go Den water supply plant of 7,200 m3/day capacity.
Wastewater treatment system - Investors treat wastewater to standard B, QCVN 40: 2011 / BTNMT according to regulations about Environmental Management of Phuc Long Industrial Park before discharging into the wastewater treatment system of industrial park.
- After treatment at plant of IP achieves standard A, QCVN 40: 2011 / BTNMT, water is discharged into the Chanh canal and Vam Co River.
- Capacity 12,000 m3/day.
Post and telecommunication system - Whole network is installed underground. - Establishing a modern and completed telecommunication network, It can connect to the national and international telecommunications network, high-speed internet connection.
Public utilities - Rain water drainage system and waste water drainage system are completed- Colleges and labor promotion center: diversified training and supporting to enterprises in recruitment.
- Near Ben Luc Hospital, General Hospital, etc.
- Sport Center: mini football stadium meeting the need of employees and we can organize some friendly matchs between businesses.
- Housing for workers in Phuc Long residential area: meeting the need about houses for all kinds of employees who work in the industrial park, ensuring about the housing that help to stabilize the labor force, creating the stable development for enterprises. This is a remarkable point and also the strength of Phuc Long Industrial Park. It completely overcomes disadvantages of labour force fluctuation of the other industrial parks in HCM City and Long An province.
- Commercial Center: providing all consumer products for employees.
- Kindergarten -nursery school: educating and taking care of all children.
-Fire protection service: training a professional security team, firefighting team who have lots of experiences with modern equipments, they are willing to ensure the security for all enterprises in the industrial park.
- Trees - sanitation - Phuc Long Industrial Park spends 11% of land for tree. It creates a cool and fresh atmosphere.
- Environmental experts guide to separate garbage at source.
- Our sanitation workers are always available to clean up all the Industrial Park.
Supporting services
Free services
Supporting service - Support services legal procedures (the business registration, the investment certificates).
- Consulting services licensing fire protection procedures.
- Consulting services on environment procedures.
- Consulting services on import and export procedures.
- Consulting services on residence permits for foreigners.
- Consulting services to invest and build factories.
- Services referal for investment partners.
- Support services for bank loans.
Typical clients
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