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Phu An Thanh industrial park, Ben Luc, Long An
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    Provincial road 830, An Thanh commune, Ben Luc district, Long An Province
Distance to traffic hubs
Phu An Thanh Industrial Park connected with the important roads like:
To the freeway HCM
Trung Luong: 3 km
To Nation road 1A: 6 km
To center of Ho Chi Minh City: 35 km
Border with Binh Chanh District Ho Chi Minh City
To Tan Son Nhat International Airport: 37 km

  Phu An Thanh Industrial Park adjacent to Vam Co Dong River, very convenient for transportation of goods and raw materials between industrial parks, ports and the Mekong delta river.
To Bourbon river port: 7 km
To Cat Lai port: 30 km
To Hiep Phuoc Port: 35 km
Phu An Thanh industrial park, Ben Luc, Long An
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Phu An Thanh industrial park, Ben Luc, Long An
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Strengths 1. Strategic location
  Situated on 830 provincial road connected with national highway 1A, to HCM - Trung Luong freeway about 3km, connected to the main roads such as Nguyen Van Linh, Dong Tay Highway connected Ho Chi Minh City and Cat Lai.
2. Internal cargo terminal
  Located next to the Vam Co Dong River, internal cargo makes it very convenient for transporting, loading and unloading of materials and goods.
3. Allowed risk pollution industries (prone to cause land environment pollution industries)
 Phu An Thanh industrial park allowed risk pollution industries such as textile, electroplating, leather tanning by Long An Provincial People's Committee and the Economic Zone Authority. Phu An Thanh industrial park has separate areas suitable for many level of pollution.
4. Large area of ​​land lease
Phu An Thanh industrial park is available large clean land area able to receive multiple industries production of large investors.
5. Good structural geology
Phu An Thanh Industrial Park is located on land with good geological structure, soil bearing capacity of large (12 ton / m²), suitable for all manufacturing industries, particularly favorable for the construction of the Heavy machine structure. Construction costs lower than other industrial parks.
6. Flexible Payment method:
 To assist investors, we have a payment method flexible, divided into 2 tranches with the following plan:
 ● Payment of installments, completed within one year.
 ● Payment of installments, completed in 3 years - 5 years.
7. Supports investment license "One Stop Service" is free
 Investors will be supported quickly complete all the procedures for investment licenses, tax identification numbers and seal ... etc, under the mode of "One Stop Service" and does not charge any service fees .
8. Supports investors access to preferential loans
With the good relations with major credit organizes, we will assist investors to access sources of medium and long term loans with preferential interest rates.
9. Preferential Tax Policy
  When investing a new projects in Phu An Thanh industrial park, investors will be exempt from corporate income tax for 02 years when have taxable income and 50% of the tax for the next 04 years.
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- The West: Provincial road 830
- The East: Go Dung canal
- The North: Rach Vong canal
- Southern borders: Nuoc Muc canal
Investment incentives Free of 02 years, 50% in the next 04 years. 20% corporate income tax.
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Performance duration Until 9/2057
Leasing price and mode of payment 82 - 92 USD / m2. Land lease price depend on location, land area and negotiable.
Land lease guaranteed technical requirements leveling, complete infrastructure
Factory lease price 3.0 - 3.5 USD/m2
Infrastructure management fees and other services Management fee : 890 VND/m² (about 0,039 USD/m2/month).
Water rates 10.400 VND/m³ (about 0,46 USD/m3).
Fee Wastewater Treatment 9.600 VND/m³ (about 0,42 USD/m3).
Electricity price
Functional block 1. Division of industrial land for risk pollution industries (industries prone to cause environment pollution) (textile, electroplating, leather tanning)
2. Division of industrial land for other industries.
Land use structure Industrial land: 211.7 ha
Land for services and administration: 3.4 ha
Land for technical construction: 3,5 ha
Land for garden and park: 40.9 ha
Land for traffic, port: 32.2 ha
Land for experts residential: 11.6 ha
Reserve land: 3,6 ha
Scope of permitted investments ● Group clothing, textile dyeing
● Group mechanics and plating
● Group leather tanning
● Group manufacturing building materials
● Group manufacturing, processing, processing of agricultural, forestry, fishery, food.
● Group manufacturing, food processing and poultry, livestock and veterinary medicines.
● Group food processing, farm produce after harvest.
● Group precision engineering, machinery, equipment, tools, spare parts for agriculture and forestry.
● Group shipbuilding industry machine and equipment parts for freighters and fishing boats.
● Group manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical raw materials.
● Group of wood processing industry serve domestic consumption and export.
● Group manufacturing instruments and medical equipment, laboratory.
● Group manufacturing textiles, garments, textile, packaging, footwear, products for printing on fabric, paper, packaging, wood.
● Group manufacturing teaching supplies, school supplies, toys, sports instruments, household appliances, production of consumer goods.
● Group food, drinks.
● Group components and electronics - telecommunications, equipment and raw materials, spare parts for the electronics industry and telecommunications.
● Group manufacturing components, household electrical equipments
● Group textile, printing, printing services.
● Group manufacturing tools, sport equipments, household equipments - office supplies, children's toys
● Group manufacturing of textile industry machine.
● Group crafted jewelry, gems, porcelain.
● Group manufacturing plastic packaging, paper and wood.
● Group manufacture materials, washing products, cosmetics, printing inks.
● Group manufacturing automotive parts, motorcycles, manufacturing and assembly of motorcycle components, motor vehicles, manufacturing equipment and motors for the transport sector.
● Group manufacturing materials, composite products, insulation, sound insulation materials, insulation materials, composite materials, heat resistant materials, construction plastic, fiberglass.
● Group manufacturing ceramic products, glass, plywood, paint.
● Group manufacturing interior decoration materials, furniture crafts.
● Group manufacturing new materials, rare materials.
● Group manufacturing building components assembly, roofing, ceramic tiles, steel types ... etc.
Climate Long An is located in a tropical monsoon and equatorial area with stable and high temperature background around the year and it has two distinctive rainy and sunny seasons but Duc Hoa dst. is affected by monsoons with more rains. Annual average temperature: 27.7 degrees Celsius
Topography and geology - Building height: 2,7 m
- Bearing capacity of the foundation soil 12 ton/m2, depth of foundation 12 m
Waste water Follow current Vietnam's standards
Fire prevention and protection Fire protection system complies with the current regulations of the government
Traffic system Road: Provincial Road 830, A street right-of-way planning is 70m, this is the transport route connecting Mekong Delta river area to Ho Chi Minh City.
River: Vam Co Dong river system is one of the waterway transport system in Vietnam's Southern Key Economic Zone, planning warehouse and storage area adjacent Vam Co Dong river with berth (terminal) length of 500m.
Logic internal transportation system, main roads width: 84m and internal road network with road width: 49,5m and 42m, road arranged logically to ensure that matching requirement in industrial park service such as fire, ambulance, transportation of goods, movement of each plant, factory safety and utility.
Electricity supply system Medium voltage system of the national grid (voltage of 22 kV) from Ben Luc 110KV stations (dual circuit), EVN Long An will supply to factories and enterprises.
Lighting systems and traffic lights were installed along roads in industrial park to ensure traffic safety.
Water supply system Clean water supply by Phu An Thanh Industrial Park Industrial Park, we ensure water quality and quantity supply to investors in industrial park. Current capacity: 13.000m3 / day.
Phu An Thanh Industrial Park venture with partners: Kobelco, Dong Tam, Shinsho build water supply capacity: 50,000m3 / day located in Phu An Thanh Industrial Park and supply for Phu An Thanh Industrial Park, Thuan Dao and the neighborhood region.
Wastewater treatment system Waste water from factories is treated by local wastewater treatment system and matching requirement before collected through the underground piping network and treated in the Sewage Treatment Plant with its capacity 5.000 m3/day and Pharse 2: 10.000 m3/day
The wastewater shall be treated according to The Vietnam Environmental Standard before its falling into Vam Co Dong River.
Post and telecommunication system The modern telecommunication network is established according to international standards such as MDF, telephone system and high-speed internet connection supplied by the post-telecommunication provider which is able to meet all the investors' requirements.
Public utilities - Completed rainwater and wastewater drainage systems
- The green spaces are scattered throughout the region that can handle effectively air pollutions (noise, dust, fumes ..) and create beautiful and tidy landscape for the industrial zone as well as a comfortable work environment for employees.
Supporting services
Free services Consult, support investors about procedures for investment licenses and realate administrative procedures in the earliest time: Registration of corporation, tax, custom, registration building certificate.
Supporting service ☆ Support before invest:
• Implement policies to attract investment flexibility, matching the demand of customers (on prices, tariffs, on the methods and conditions of payment);
• Investment consult & support procedures simple and quick;
• Consult & support procedures for bank loans.
☆ Support after invest:
• Support construction license, committed environmental, fire safety plans ... etc.
• Support certification procedures for land use rights.
• Support procedures for building owner license.
• Support to take care of workers (construction of accommodation, commercial services, health care, nursery - schools, workers' dormitory area, residential area).
• Introduce suppliers of petroleum, gas
• Introduce suppliers catering industry
• Introduce consulting company, supervision, build warehouse, office.
• Security suppliers.
• Support recruitment.
Typical clients
1. Vina Eco Board Co., Ltd (Sumitomo Group) (Japan)
2. Fukui Co., Ltd (Japan)
3. SCG Concrete Co., Ltd (Thailand)
4. Huu Lien Steel Co., Ltd (Taiwan)
5. A Chau Steel Jointstock Company (Vietnam)
6. Shintung Co., Ltd (Taiwan)
7. Lavifood Jointstock Company (Vietnam)
8. Vietcombank - South Data Center (Vietnam)
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