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Long Hau - Hoa Binh industrial park, Thu Thua, Long An
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    Binh Anh T-Junction, National Road 1A, Thu Thua District, Long An Province, Vietnam
Distance to traffic hubs
• To Ho Chi Minh City 22Km (26 min drive)
(Intersection Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard
National Road 1A)
• To Tan Son Nhat Airport 45Km (69 min drive)
• Tan An City 05Km (10 min drive)
• To Bourbon – Ben Luc Port 05 km (10 min drive)
• To Cat Lai Sea Port /SPCT 47-49 km (1h15’ drive)
Long Hau - Hoa Binh industrial park, Thu Thua, Long An
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Long Hau - Hoa Binh industrial park, Thu Thua, Long An
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Presentation data
Customer List
Strengths 1. Western trading gateway:Long Hau-Hoa Binh IP is located at Binh Anh T-Junction, National Road 1A, Thu Thua District, Long An Province, a strategic location as gateway to Mekong delta region and HCM city where potential market to be considered to develop. With national road 1 A and HCM-Trung Luong highway, together with Bourbon Ben Luc river port (5 km away from IP), investors will find much more conveniences in transportation in Long Hau-Hoa Binh IP
2. Completed infrastructure
3. Competitive land leasing fee. Flexible Payment Method
4. Flexible lease area, a minimum of 4.000m2.
5. Support Services Investor diverse staff of customer care & professional enthusiasm, and many utilities available in the Industrial Park.
6. Abundant labor resources
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Western trading gateway of Ho Chi Minh city and Mekong delta region, Binh Anh T-Junction, National Road 1A, Thu Thua District, Long An Province, Vietnam
Investment incentives Free of 02 years, 50% in the next 04 years. 20% corporate income tax.
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Performance duration Until 10/9/2058
Leasing price and mode of payment - Competitive land leasing fee
- land leasing fee apply depending on location and time of each registration.
- Payment method: flexibility, divided into tranches with Competitive interest rates in accordance with the needs and financial capacity of investors
Factory lease price 2.7 USD ~ 3.2 USD/m2/month
Infrastructure management fees and other services 0.03 USD/m2/month
Water rates 0.37 USD/m3
Fee Wastewater Treatment 0.3 USD/m3
Electricity price
Functional block
Land use structure - Land of plants, warehouse:s 86.16 ha
- Land of administration services 1.96 ha
- Land of techniques: 1.58 ha
- Land of transport: 12.39ha
- Land of green: 15.56 ha
Scope of permitted investments - Group projects of electronics , telecommunications
+ Project production of electrical equipment , electronics
+ Project production electronic components , electronic
+ Project telecom cable production
- The project team of mechanics , metallurgy
+ Project engineering , manufacturing machinery and equipment .
+ Project production , assembly and repair of motorcycles
+ Project outsourcing , manufacturing cold rolled , hot rolled , steel pipes , metal stamping cutting staff
- Group projects food processing , beverage
+ Food Processing Project
+ Project beverage production
+ Milk Processing Project
+ Edible Oil Processing Projects
+ Project confectionery production
- Group projects for pharmaceutical , cosmetic
+ Project cosmetic products
+ Project pharmaceutical production
- Group projects stationery
+ Production project stationery
- Group projects apparel
+ Project outsourcing garments without washing stages
- Group projects equipment manufacturing interior
- Industrial production of products for agricultural , mechanical assembly manufacturing , agricultural machinery - motor fishing .
- Industrial production for domestic consumption and export : household appliances , packaging .
- The production of building materials : interior decoration materials , structures and prefabricated houses , pouring roofing tiles .
- Project team warehouses , yards
Climate Long An is located in the tropical monsoon, equatorial, high temperatures are in the year, there are two rainy seasons - clear sunny. The average annual temperature is 27.5°C
Topography and geology - Full geologic drilling.
- The land is leveled with river sand to elevation: +1.8 m above the highs of Hon Dau.
- Compression ratio: ≥ 0.85 K
Waste water Follow current Vietnam's standards
Fire prevention and protection Fire protection system complies with the current regulations of the government
Traffic system Directly connected to National Road 1A about 500m
Internal roads with axis loading of 12 tons.
Electricity supply system - From national electricity network via Tan An Power Station (110 kV/22 kV – 2x25MVA).
- Customers will signing contract to purchase electricity directly from EVN.
Water supply system - FRESH WATER: Supplied by Thu Thua Water Plant with capacity: 15.000m3/day - Price: 8.150 VND/m3 - Paid monthly
- RECYCLED WATER: Supplied by Wastewater Treatment Plant after treatment,
Wastewater treatment system Total capacity: 4,000m3/day (Phase 1: 2,000m3/day)
- Sewer tariff: 6,450 VND/m3 equivalent to 0.30USD/m3 based on 80% of water consumption volume.
- Input: Grade C
- Payment: monthly
Post and telecommunication system Telecommunications underground cable system. - Establish a network of modern telecommunications, complete, capable of synchronous connection to the national telecommunications network and international communications systems, high speed internet connection.
Public utilities - Job recommendation center
- Customs
- Hospital
- College LADEC
- fire
- Catering
- Housing for workers
- Virtual Office Services
- The consulting services:
+ Accounting
+ Human resourse
+ Legal
+ Finance
+ System Management
Supporting services
- Business Registration + Tax Code + Seal Registration
- Branch Establishment Registration
- Investment Registration
- Registration of Land Use
- VAT Tax Declaration (for the first 3 months)
- Construction Permit
- Environment Impact Report
- Fire Fighting Approval
- Import – Export Procedures, Custom Declaration for machinery, raw materials for processing enterprises
- Foreign Labor Registration
- Enterprise Regulation Registration
- Payment of Social Insurance
- Declaration of Personal Income Tax
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