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Duc Hoa III – Viet Hoa industrial park, Duc Hoa, Long An
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    Duc Lap Ha Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province.
Distance to traffic hubs
Duc Hoa Industrial Park III
Viet Hoa, Duc Lap Ha Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An Province.
Center of HoChiMinh city: 40km
Tan SonNhat airport: 32km
Sai Gon port: 40km
An Suong bus station: 27km
Tan An town: 50km
Long An international port: 60km
Duc Hoa III – Viet Hoa industrial park, Duc Hoa, Long An
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Duc Hoa III – Viet Hoa industrial park, Duc Hoa, Long An
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Presentation data
Customer List
Strengths 1) Favourable location: Duc Hoa III- Viet Hoa Industrial Park is the focal point position on the map investment from neighboring industrial areas in the area of the lane region of key economic northwestern.
2)Traffic convenience: DH III- Viet Hoa Industrial Park is near to 823 Provincial Highway, distant from Xuyen A road about 5km. With great transportation connection to other province,e.g Bind Duong, Dong Nai, especially HCMC
Completed infrastructure , Full facilities
3) Leasing term: Transferring the land use right for 50 year instead of yearly lease
4)Human resource- training:
_ DH3 supports investors to recruit human resource
-Professional manager, technical staff from Long An and HCMC
_Technical memmbers experience from technical vocational college ( VN-JP, Long an vocational college, Long an College)
5) Quick procedure: Investment can accass quick single procedure free of charge : Invesment Cert, Tax Code, Stamp, environmental Protection Commitment
- Attractive investment preferential treatment
6) Pree of charge Consultancy: Supporting for all legal procedures
- Assisting with finance loan sources
- Living and working environment with all facilities
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_East border adjoins Thai Hoa Industrial Zone
_West border adjoins residential area
_Noth border adjoins Thay Cai channel, Cu Chi Area
_South border adjoins Anh Hong Industrial Zone
Investment incentives Incentive tax reduction: 20% Income tax in 10 years, free income tax for the first 2 years and 50% for the next 4 years
Performance duration 50 years (until 09/2055)
Leasing price and mode of payment Price:
- Rents: 60 usd/m2
Factory lease price
Infrastructure management fees and other services Management fee: 0,05 USD/m2/month (assurance,maintenance, security,..)
Water rates 9000VNĐ/m3
Fee Wastewater Treatment 0,4USD/m3
Electricity price Peak houR 2.156/Kw/h (9:30 A.M-11:30 A.M, 5 P.M-8 P.M).
Off-peak hour : 746 VND/Kw/h (22h – 4h)
Normal hours : 1184 VND/Kw/h
Functional block
Land use structure Total planned area: 832,150.9 m2
1. Factory Estate: 483,876 m2 = 58.15%
- Factories: 387,876 m2
- Green tree area: 96,775 m2
2. Construction works: 31,630 m2 = 3.8%
- Sewage treatment area and trash transfer station: 9247 m2
- Water work plant: 19,980 m2
- Power-house: 2403 m2
3. Traffic construction: 122,301.9 m2 = 12.77%
4. Offices for administration and services: 106 282 m2 = 14.7%
- The control center of the industrial zone: 22,747 m2
- Villas for professionals: 34,136 m2
- Housing for workers: 25,671 m2
- Public service offices: 23 728 m2
5. Green area, water surface: 88,061 m2 = 10.58%
- Green area: 61,643 m2
- Water surface: 26,418 m2
Scope of permitted investments - Production of paper, wrinkled paper, paperboard labels; manufacturing of electrical equipment, electronic components, electronic; except for the constructions of broadcast stations, and telecommunication lines.
- Manufacturing construction materials of assembled RBS, mechanical processing, rolling, and machine assembly.
- Projects on recycling, solid waste disposal.
- Production of fertilizers, processing seafood, animal and poultry feed.
- Production of beer and malt, wholesale projects such as food, beverages, tobacco, pipe tobacco; and trading, import, export projects of alcoholic beverage products.
- Woodworking projects (no boiling and soaking); production of consumer goods.
- Production of plastic packaging, and food processing.
- Clothing Industry
Climate Long An Province is located in the equatorial, tropical area, with high temperatures = the Annual average temperature is 27.50 C; there are 2 opposite seasons in a year: dry and rainy seasons. Annual average humidity is high, around 70 - 800C. Influenced by two major types of wind:
- south west Wind ,ratio 70%, during the rainy season (from April to November)
- southeast Wind during the dry season (from December to April), ratio 60% -70% in dry season
-Rainy season: From May to Oct
-Dry season: From Nov to April next year
-Average humidity: 80%-82%
-Annual sunshine estimated: 2500-2800 hours
Topography and geology - Building datum: 2,1m
- Compressibility factor: 0,082 cm2/kg
- Bonding power C: 0,2kg/cm2
- Natural density: 1,96g/cm3
- Ground compressive strength: 1.74kg/cm2
Waste water Following current Vietnam's standards
Fire prevention and protection Fire protection system complies with the current regulations of the government
Traffic system - The system consists of 4 main traffic lanes, width 36m
- The transportation system consisting of two lanes, width 16 m, 24 m.
Electricity supply system National Grid system - Duc Hoa electricity lines 110kV and 550KV
Water supply system Capacity: 15,000 m3/day from PMV water supply plant and 80,000 m3/day from implementing HKT plant(almost finished)
Wastewater treatment system Capacity: 5,000 m3 / day
Post and telecommunication system Establishing the modern telecommunication network, which meet international criteria, such as MDF facilitites inplementation, high speed telephone network and internet connection from Long An Branch of VNPT installment, which will sastisfy any demands from investors
Public utilities Services Area,tenament for labor workers and villas for experts
Supporting services
Free services - Registration of establishment of the enterprise
- Procedures for granting investment certificates
- Registration of accounting and customs procedures
- Procedures for registration of building a factory
Supporting service - Custom Offices
- ICD ports (Inland)
- Standard Warehouses and workshops
- Housing for professionals, workers
- Supply of petroleum, gas
- Banks, schools, shopping centers, vocational training centers, hospitals, offices …
Typical clients
Vinataba/ Sapporo Brewing
Customer List 1. Quý Kỳ Corp. JSC
2. Bình Điền Fertilizer JSC,
3.Vinataba/ Sapporo Brewing ,
4. Hyman, Thiên Nam elevator JSC,
5. Nguồn Lực Thời Trang Co.Ltd.
6. Phú Mỹ Vinh – Long An Supply water JSC, 7. Hành Tinh Xanh Việt Nam Co.Ltd.
8. Dây Cáp điện Đệ Nhất JSC.
9. Huỳnh Luông Private Enterprise
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