Foreign business community invest in Long An industrial parks
Saturday - 11/28/2015
To 6/2015, nearly 400 foreign enterprises invested in industrial parks of Long An province; foreign enterprises concentrated in some area such as Can Giuoc, Can Đuoc, Ben Luc, Dục Hoa District. In which, Japan is the leading country in the number of enterprises invested in the industrial park in Long An province followed by Taiwan, South Korea. Foreign investor concentrated by region, therefore in Long An is forming business communities, including Japan, South Korea.
Foreign business community invest in Long An industrial parks
Mr Motonori Tsuno - Tsuno food industrial Co.,ltd (Former Chief Representative of JICA Vietnam) meeting with Mr Nguyen - Vice Chairman of Long An people's committee (04/17/2015)
Japanese and Korean business community, when formed has created more favorable conditions to help businesses of these countries easy access to the investment environment in industrial areas of Long An Province. The formation of these business community is make by industrial companies’ policy in the connecting of investors, creating a friendly investment environment, help investors relief operations such as investing in their country.
Besides the efforts industrial park companies, Long An provincial governments are facilitating foreign businesses linked. In reality, anual, Long An provinces often organize specific conferences to solve the difficulties and problems of domestic investors, foreign investors by specific topic or group of Japanese investors, Korean investors … These activities help investors have more meeting conditions, enhance trade opportunities. These are also opportunities for investor present problems in business processes for provincial leaders to solve and help them, this is help investor felt safe when invest and extend their project in Long An.
In the future, Long An government will create more favorable conditions to help foreign enterprises when invest in Long An industrial parks. In addition, Long An government will help investors have condition for connect all business communities together, this effort will help investors share and exchange cultural in the foreign business community in Long An and another region.

Long An Economic Zone Authority (LAEZA)
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