Economic Zone
Economic Zone
Border economic zone of Long An province
Wednesday - 12/02/2015
Hình ảnh Ban Quản lý Khu kinh tế tỉnh Long An
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Border economic zone of Long An province (economic zone) has total area about 13,080 ha, includes 01 International border gate (Binh Hiep border gate) and 01 national border gate (Long Khot border gate).
Planning area includes:
- The border gate areas, including: Management control areas at Binh Hiep international border gate and Long Khot national border gate, duty free area at the Binh Hiep international border gate.
- Urban centres, including: Kien Tuong town, residential areas concentrated along Nation way No.62 to the Binh Hiep, residential at Long Khot border gate, residential area in South of Highway Nation way N1, Binh Hiep commune.
- The population of rural areas including commune centre, rural populations clusters.
- Agricultural areas, landscaping, open space, including: The areas of agriculture and aquaculture, eco-tourism space, green space and river network.
Quy hoạch phát triển kinh tế xã hội tỉnh Long An 2020 - 2030
Binh Hiep International Border Gate, located in Long An Economic Zone
Orientation develop the Border control area, non-tariff zones and industrial clusters - handicrafts
- The international management control border gate: Control is held at Binh Hiep international border gate, about 14 ha, Long Kho border gate is about 04 ha.
- Duty free area: located at Binh Hiep international border gate; total area is 98.3 hectares in 2030, including:
+ Trade and services area, about 32.8 hectares, including: Fairgrounds; exhibition grounds; office tower; businesses representative office, shopping centers; amusement parks; green park.
+ Industrial park area, about 65.5 ha, including: industrial park commercial centre (management area); bonded; Customs agency office; gas station; manage technical infrastructure area.
- Industrial parks: Industrial parks have a total area of 425 ha, including:
+ Industrial Park - Services - General Trading: about 279 hectares situated in Binh Hiep commune. Planning with 04 kinds of industries - handicrafts, bags include: industrial processing of agricultural products, confectionery, flour and cereal products, agricultural warehouse; tooling manufacturing, agro-processing equipment, electronics assembly, agricultural engineering; Industrial production of consumer goods, automotive repair and assembly, vehicle assembly shallow multifunctional use, vehicles and agricultural machinery, production of aluminium shaped. Enables implementation of projects to control potential environmental contamination.
+ Industrial park - handicrafts, about 146 ha located in the central of Kien Tuong town, eastern area. Planning with 03 major industrial type, include: Industrial production of handicraft goods from agricultural residues and other items; industrial consumer goods, apparel, footwear, packaging and handicraft: Basketry, handicraft items. Require projects to control potential environmental contamination.
+ Industrial zones have total area of 54 hectares, including industrial zones - local handicraft: Tuyen Binh commune is 24 hectares; Vinh Binh commune is 27.6 hectares, Thai Binh Trung commune is 2.4 ha.
+ The reserve industrial land for development is 85.4 hectares, located in south of National way N1. This industrial park is mainly: Processing of agricultural - forestry products, consumer goods, textiles, plastics, footwear, electronics…
- Secondary border: Besides Binh Hiep international border gate, Long An economic zone has Long Khot national border gate. The development planning (including the border control gate management, trade services, residential) at Long Khot border gate is about 50 ha.
Land use planning. The total area of Long An border economic zone is 13,080 ha. Originally planned as follows:
- Land for border gate control about 12 ha in 2020, 18 hectares in 2030.
- The duty free area, land size of about 61.9 hectares in 2020 and 98.3 hectares in 2030.
- Tariff area of about 13,006 ha scale 12,964 ha in 2020 and 2030.
Decision 15 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister approving the general planning of border economic zone of Long An province (attached)

Long An Economic Zone Authority (LAEZA)
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