Japanese and Korean business community, when formed has created more favorable conditions to help businesses of these countries easy access to the investment environment in industrial areas of Long An Province. The formation of these business community is make by industrial companies’ policy in the connecting of investors, creating a friendly investment environment, help investors relief operations such as investing in their country.
We chose to invest in Long An province because the geographical location of Long An. Long An pretty close to Ho Chi Minh City, and Long An also a feed center of Southern Vietnam, and Long An is is the central gateway to Mekong Delta. Aside from, because we also assess the development potential of farming Mekong Delta very huge. In which, our company will have greater opportunity to contribute, more to the development of the province.
The Socio-economic Development Master Plan of Long An Province up to 2020 and Vision Toward 2030 has been approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 143 /QD-TTg dated 03/10/2012. Economic objectives of planning to achieve: Economic growth rate per period 2012 - 2030 reached 12.5%/year, of which the period 2012 to 2020 increased by 13%/year.
Long An Province, Vietnam is considered the province has attractive investment climate by the location of Long An extremely convenient for investors to access markets, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Located at the edge of the eastern provinces of the Mekong Delta, in the hinge position between the East and the South West. Province located in the economic development of the South. In recent years, the province is always just the top 10 competition and foreign investment FDI
Long An Economic Zone Authority (LAEZA) is responsible for state management of economiczone and industrial park in Long An Province. For enterprises, investors whoinvested in economic zone in the province, all investment procedures are implemented with "One stop service" policy at Long An Economic Zone Authority.
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